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Yodogawa technique

© ︎ Yodogawa Technique Courtesy of YUKARI ART


Boar of Maniwa

“Boar of Maniwa” (Maniwa no shi shi) was commissioned by Maniwa City in Okayama Prefecture where Yodogawa Technique (Hideaki Shibata) was born. He created this artwork with garbage collected from Maniwa.
The wild boar which is a motif of this piece inhabits a lot in this area.
As Maniwa is one of “SDGs Future Cities” in Japan,
the colors of this artwork are modelled on those of SDGs.


Yodogawa Technique is an artist name of Hideaki SHIBATA (born 1976, Okayama, Japan). It was originally founded as an artist group in 2003 at the river terrace of Yodogawa (Yodo river) in Osaka, Japan and Shibata has been performing solely since 2017. He mainly uses garbage and floating objects that have drifted to the riverbank and beach to create artworks. There are many public artworks by the artist throughout Japan. Yodogawa Technique is also renowned for "Gomunication" which derives from the word "gomi" (garbage in Japanese) and communication. Based on this concept, he has been creating artworks in various places all over the world, interacting with locals. His way of communication through art always brings a new perspective for locals and raises awareness for environmental issues. The exhibitions participated include the Busan Biennale 2006 (Korea), the “KITA!!” contemporary Japanese art exhibition (Indonesia in 2008), “TWINISM” exchange exhibition between Osaka and Hamburg (Germany and Japan in 2009), "the Breathing Atolls: Japan-Maldives Contemporary art exhibition " (Maldives in 2012), “Kunst&Byrum Helsingør 2014 The life in the Sound” (Denmark) and many more in and out of Japan.



Grand Front Osaka

Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0011

Umekita Plaza Point Space

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