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 Buburindou Art Gallery

Artist Kousuke nishimura / Yuri Hamano / MUNEHIRO YOSHIMURA


 Buburindou Art Gallery

It is a planning gallery located 3 minutes from Motomachi Station in Kobe, which handles contemporary art, with the concept of "making art that you have never seen in a cozy space close to you". In the first year of Reiwa, the gallery Buburindō, which had been in operation for nine years, was relaunched as the Kobe Motomachi Buburindō Gallery. From young artists who are looking forward to the future to veterans who have the ability, we mainly introduce attractive writers in Kansai, especially Kobe. We handle genreless paintings such as Western paintings, Japanese paintings, and prints. At the Buburindō Gallery, not only collectors but also many writers gather, and it becomes a place like a salon, and from many encounters, new events are born to merge.

Location: Motomachi Kobisu Building 3F, 1-10-11 Motomachidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0022


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