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sanwacompany Art Award President's Special Award


​サンワカンパニー大阪ショールーム展示風景 2022


Primitive Re_flection

Whenever I remove my makeup or don't have anything on my face and look into the mirror to see the reflection, I wonder about my true personality. We all have quick media access and idealize the persons in different forms. Social media platforms' processed images spread around us instantly make finding our true personalities challenging. According to mythology, the mirror symbolizes Truth representing Vanity, desire for eternity, and beauty of ourselves. 

This exhibition utilizes the Bodaiju, famous as the holy tree, under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. I place it in the centre of the display. 
I also place the “Re-flection” paintings surrounding the Bodaiju. We know that mirrors were blurred during ancient times, showing soft fuzzy images. The mirror would have been more unified with the natural surroundings and with others.The vague sense of self-consciousness that emerges within the ambiguous boundaries of our surroundings may be the most “Authentic” form of our self. So this art concept work is a perspective that transcends the meditations and encourages personal stability. 


Makiko was born and based in Japan. She moved to England to explore the new relationship between body and spatiality, before that, she worked as a dancer and model. She graduated first in her class with a master's degree in Information Experience Design from the Royal College of Art, Philosophy from Goldsmiths University, studied performance art at Central Saint Martins. 
The philosophy knowledge helped her visualize their identity and unconsciousness using natural phenomena, including light, energy movement, air, and sound. It is widespread knowledge of media, including painting, videography, and interactive art. Her work is characterized by a critical view of society, physicality, and poetic ideas. 
The “Hopeful Monster” is one of her best and representative works based on the motive of collecting Unconscious and mythology. It is for expressing her discomfort in society as a woman. The Hopeful Monster is an interactive art piece by her that includes the accelerometers, and she attached them to her physicality as a “Cyborg”.
She has worked with a variety of people from various disciplines around the world, including engineers, consultants, architects, researchers, etc.

Group exhibitions: SICF21” SPIRAL Tokyo, 2021, Any Tokyo Exhibition, Tokyo 2019, “Open sense festival” London 2018, “Friday Late show” Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2017, “Time machine, Science fiction” Piccadilly circus, London 2017, “Sci-Fi design Bio future”, RCA, London 2016, Public art: Battersea Park sculpture award 1st Prize, London 2017, etc.



sanwa company Osaka showroom

HDC Osaka, Knowledge Capital 5F, Umekita Grand Front Osaka North Building, 3-1 Omuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011

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