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sanwa company Art Award Finalist



​サンワカンパニー大阪ショールーム展示風景 2022


Inspired by the basketry techniques, I create my works while taking advantage of the phenomena caused in the weaving process. A basket can sometimes get distorted as it gets woven. While this is typically considered a failure, "distortion" can be regarded as a characteristic of basket weaving. As I coil the thread around the core and shape it while holding the layers together, I look for the cause of distortion in the nature of the material, the direction of work and the angle of layers to effectively incorporate these elements into my work. The elasticity and shape of the core significantly affect the weaving process, as the thread constantly holds back the force of the core trying to bounce back outward. The material, structure, and form are closely connected with each other in the sense that while weaving in concentric circles, a structure is created to enclose the space, and the structure directly creates a form. By selecting materials and methods for weaving with the natural distortion in mind, I saw the possibility of developing it into twists and turns, and I find it interesting to see my intentions and the laws of nature influencing each other to create forms.
In this exhibition, I will be showing works such as the "Crossed Helix," featuring a twisted structure created by the interaction of intersecting lines, as well as "Traced Contour," a piece woven around the surface using the force of attraction in opposite directions above and below the perimeter.


1977 Born in Hyogo, Japan
2006 BA in Textile from Kyoto University of the Arts
2012-16 Part-time instructor of Kyoto University of the Arts, Fashion Design Course
2013 MA in Textile from Osaka University of Arts
2016 One-person Exhibition at GALLERYGALLERY EX, Kyoto, Japan
2018 The Nature of Things: Contemporary Japanese Woven Sculpture
Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York
---- The Exhibition of Japanese Fiber Art, ARKA Art Gallery,
the National M. K. Čiurlionis Memorial Museum, Lithuania

2019-current Part-time instructor of Kobe Design University
---- Breeze From The East, Resonance Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
---- KOGEI World Competition in Kanazawa
21 Century of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan

2020 Contemporary Mini Textile Competition, Gallery Pause, Tokyo Japan,

Outstanding Performance Award
2021 One-person Exhibition at GALLERYGALLERY, Kyoto, Japan
---- International KOGEI Award in Toyama 2020,

Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design, Toyama

---- Crafted & Curated online showcase,
---- The 31th Basketry Exhibition, (also in 2011-18)
---- 7th Textile Art Miniature Exhibition, Gallery 5610, Tokyo Japan (also in 2013,15,17,19)



sanwa company Osaka showroom

HDC Osaka, Knowledge Capital 5F, Umekita Grand Front Osaka North Building, 3-1 Omuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011

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