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MORIMURA Yasumasa (artist) x SAKASHITA Noriyuki (former day laborer, student in Kamagasaki University of the Arts School)


Our Sweet Home

This is the room where Yasumasa Morimura, one of Japan's leading contemporary artists living in Osaka, and Noriyoshi Sakashita, a day laborer from Kagoshima, met. Sakashita's words were collected by Kanayo Ueda (Kamagasaki University of Arts: former cocoroom) and put into calligraphy by people with connections to Kamagasaki. The Kamagasaki University of Arts helped Morimura create works in Kamagasaki in 2007, which he dressed up as Lenin. In 2012, Morimura became a lecturer in art at Kamagasaki University of Art and the artistic director of the Yokohama Triennale 2014, in which Kamagei participated. In 2015, he established the Graduate School of Aesthetics Association. 
Sakashita, 72 years old, met Kamagasaki University of Arts in 2011 and began to participate in workshops on expression. His humorous narrative fascinates people, and he appeared in the film "Tanikawa Shuntaro-san, Please Make One Poem”. He is also active in the Kamagasaki Kyogenkai and a trip to Hachinohe to meet "Itako" (spiritual medium) organized by Kamagasaki University of Arts.



Kamagasaki University of the Arts

2-3-3 Taishi, Nishinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 557-0002

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