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ACM Gallery

Artist  Rikuto / Yoshinori Furuya / Kazuhiro Kobayashi / Takashi Fujihashi / Ikkei Maeno / Yuki Sakura / Yasuhiro Nishikawa / Aya Watanabe / Runa Iizuka / Yoshio Iwamoto / Keiko Yamada


ACM Gallery

Arts and Creative Mind is a general incorporated association (ACM Gallery), and is run by two sisters who have a brother with intellectual disability.

ACM Galley was founded in August last year in Ebisu, Tokyo. We do not only provide a place where artists with disabilities present their creative works, but we also price them appropriately for these excellent pieces of art and aim to distribute them as artworks. We then return the profit to the artists and help them to connect with society through the art. It is also a place where people can interact with each other beyond personal situation, discover various ways of expression, and enjoy gaining a new perspective.

Location: 1st floor of Fukutaka Building, 1-4-11 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021


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