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NODA Sachie

Living scenery 2021 (Museum of Modern Art, Shiga)


Collecting: An Attempt to Collect Plants and Natural Objects in Semba

“There is only one park around here," they said as they showed me around and told me how precious plants in this city are.
When I usually arrange plants, I bring trees from the abundant mountains and arrange them by looking closely at their good branches. However, I thought it would be meaningful to walk around this city and find and pick up plants and natural objects around here.
I believe that Ikebana is essentially about picking up the elements of nature, whether it be majestic nature of our everyday surroundings, and entrusting just one flower with the landscape.

(Creation Process)
Walk around the city and collect small materials such as trees, grass, stones, and sand that you see in parks and sidewalks.

Bring them to the entrance lobby of the Semba Excel Building (exhibition space) and touch the plants.
An attempt to create and arrange improvisational works with collected natural materials by organizing, arranging, and curling them.


Born in Shiga, Japan in 1978. She began painting in 1999 and has exhibited her works in various places. She also runs her family's flower shop "Hananoen" (Kouka City, Shiga). She makes sculptures with plants and related to landscapes. She creates a "landscape" that connects with the viewer's memory by facing the flow of nature and the hands of people involved in it.



Semba Excel Building

Semba Excel Building Entrance, 3-2-11 Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0056 

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