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Leaving others



For Kimura, who has two homelands, Japan and Poland, and is based in Warsaw, the process of confirming her identity while coming and going between the two cultures is more urgent, and it is also an important element that forms the background of her works. She says that she seeks a middle ground between metaphor and abstraction, and examines the existence of human beings and the world through the use of various experimental techniques. In Kimura's two-dimensional works, feeling such as life and death, alienation, hope, and memory and qualities related to these are exposed and oscillate between melancholy and sublime.


Lia Kimura - a Japan-born Polish painter and fashion designer. Kimura’s work is mostly connected with her place of birth, search for identity and intensive feelings: the experience of death, alienation, and hope.Her paintings represent both the traditional form of expression and the experimental approach, in which the figurative body together with the abstract matter became the key themes of creative considerations. The artist currently lives and works in Warsaw, wherein 2016 she started her career as a professional artist. Her paintings belong to almost 40 private collections (Germany, England, Japan, Switzerland, Poland).



Semba Excel Building

Semba Excel Building 4F, 3-2-11 Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0056 

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