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An elliptical sphere-shaped balloon that shines in the iris was set up to reveal a soft
sculpture of light and air. The light that hits the work spreads faintly, and you can
experience fantastic colors. When the wind blows, the entire work sways in response to
the flow of air.
With the motifs of "Foam-like structure of the Universe" and "The dynamism of
relationships", the film made of a thin film that reflects light and the structure that
stands on its own with a slight pressure difference feel the presence of invisible air. can
“I think our invisible relationships also have shapes, because they have shapes, they
have structures, and they have functions. Thinking about them, I think that the form of
our relationship is very similar to the nature and mechanics of "air" and "light" that
nurture us on the earth. ”
Through a concrete appreciation experience, Okunaka visualizes the relationship
between the normally invisible person and the air and invites them to the world of ideas.
Representations that change color depending on sunshine conditions and viewing angle
positively reflect self-variability, multifacetedness, and human diversity society, and also
imply the importance of the global environment to us through air.
Cocooner, a slang term for cocooners and Hickies, means a person who withdraws into
a cocoon. The author thought that this word meant us who had limited relationships
due to the corona, and made the shape of the work like a cocoon. He hope we will
metamorphose and fly in this difficult time.

Sumika Sekisui Film Co., Ltd.
Hologram Supply Co., Ltd.
Kizugawa City Yamashiro Cultural Center: Aspia Yamashiro
E-Tech Co., Ltd.
AOIoA (AO Institute of Arts)

@akira_you, Ken Nakamuro, Yukiharu Nishikawa, Takeshi Fujiki, Ken Yoshikawa,
Suzuka Funakoshi, Yoshiko Matsuzawa, Mizuho Yamamoto, Naomichi Miyamura,
Takayuki Narita, Wakumi Yoneda, Manabu Kanaike


Artist. Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1981. Lives in Kyoto Prefecture.
Graduated from Faculty of Education, Shizuoka University, Okunaka is now the co-representative of AO Institute of Arts. He also directs the experience art course at Yamashiro Cultural Center in Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture.
Okunaka became an artist after his experience of working as an art-play instructor at the Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art and social welfare facilities for people with intellectual disabilities, during which he learned about modern and contemporary thoughts alongside. He then took a long-term training at AIR program in France, South Korea, and China with the support of several art foundations. In Okunaka's early artistic career, he participated in regional art events around Japan. Gradually he developed as an artist who creates experiential large scale works and workshops.
Besides, he also works as a curator of international art exhibitions, and art therapist for the community. Okunaka suggests a new perspective as an emerging artist through his comprehensive art activities.

Major exhibitions and honors:
2021/ ART for SDGs: Kitakyushu Art Festival Imagining Our Future
2019/ LUXELAKES A4 Art Museum International Artists Residency Program
JPN and CHN, Contemporary Art Exhibition and Residency "Right Place, Right Work" 
Nomura Foundation Art Grant
2017/ Rokko Meets Art Organizer Special Award
7th Moscow International Biennale Parallel Program "Yearning for The Sky"
Kawaguchi Art Gallery, ATLIA "AIR-REAL"
2016/ Kizugawa Art Grand Prix + Citizen's Award etc.



Grand Front Osaka Umekita Plaza

4-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0011

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